Friday, September 07, 2007


Pahlsson's Got a Hernia.

by Jes

It seems like that Scott Niedermayer inability to make a career decision wasn't the only bad news for the Quackers yesterday.

It turns out Samuel "Defensive God" Pahlsson will be out for awhile with a hernia.

Anaheim Ducks forward Samuel Pahlsson has undergone surgery to repair a sports hernia, team general manager Brian Burke announced Thursday.

He had the operation on Wednesday in Philadelphia, Burke said, and is expected to be sidelined for three to five weeks. Anaheim opens camp on Tuesday.

''We anticipate if he misses any regular-season time, it will not be a lot,'' Burke said.

Let's face it, any player (especially holdouts) who misses preseason and training camp tends to be way behind when they do get back. Combine that with an injury that is always in danger of hindering one's playing ability, and you've got a loss that could be bigger than it appears.

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