Monday, September 17, 2007


History's Great Hockey Names

by Greg has many hidden pleasures: among them, the revelation in the "transfers" section, that there is a Swedish hockey player named Texas-Kid Egertz.

A quick scouring of the web turns up little information on Texas-Kid, but he'll apparently be playing for Hammarby this season (the website doesn't seem to have any information on him, but it also seems to be written in Swedish, so I'm a bit in the dark). Hopefully, we'll see some additions to the legend of Texas-Kid this year.

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He should get together with Robin Big Snake to accomplish great adventures in the name of hockey.
I always liked Bates Battaglia. Sounds like the name of a prize fighter from a 1948 film noir movie ("Tonight at 8pm in the War Memorial Auditorium, Bates Battaglia goes up againts Kid Galahad for 12 rounds of middleweight fisticuffs").

Zarley Zalapski (Pens and Whalers, late 80's early 90's?) was another. Sounds like a character from an R. Crumb underground comic.
Hakan Loob. The guy's name sounds like a description for clearing one's throat.
if he gay-married robin big snake his name would be Texas Kid Big Snake. Wow.
Hi! It seems like he's on the (older) junior team, there are seldom any info on the juniors... fyi
Dug up this thread on on the topic of hockey names:

Wonder if 'Texas-Kid' is his real birth name? His parents must be Frank Zappa fans?
Well, This is his birthname. His aunt came upp with Texas couse he was so big(6kg) when he came. The Kid came from his mother.
They had to fight in court for the name and the won.
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