Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Unmasking Eklund, "The Fraud"

by Jes

I don't really like to spend much of my internet time on The Fraud (aka Eklund) since I have far better things to do, and far better sites to visit. I don't read his crap, I don't visit his website, nor do I want to look at another ugly picture of him.

That said, it is important for all bloggers AND consumers of information (the readers) to understand just what a fraud and detriment that Dwayne Klessel has been to the online hockey community. As long as Eklund is seen as 'The Hockey Blogger' by a majority of the mainstream, the whole community will be looked down upon and bloggers will continue to be stereotyped as the 'geek in his momma's basement.'

With that, I suggest that you go and check out Greg Wyshynski's in-depth post on Eklund and how his shenanigans affect bloggers, readers and journalists. Everything that needs to be said is there, and it's got the whole history for you.

If you want to continue to be deceived and lied to, that is your choice. You also have the choice of knowing the truth, and spending your precious internet hours away from internet fraud.

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Geeze Jes, Kinda Harsh..Wait! WTF am I saying? Thats what I think too!

He is not a hockey blogger, he just lets his mind run where ever it wants and posts the wildest rumors he can think of.

His correct rumor count has to be 13 - 12,000, or somewhere around there
*consider this your thunderous ovation of applause*

I don't ever mention Eklund on my blog ever because it is giving him unneeded attention. But, the real danger is letting Eklund go unchecked and have him spoil the minds of the fair weather hockey fan. catch 22.

I would like to introduce this guy Eklund to my buddy Paulie Walnuts in New Jersey. Maybe straighten him out for good.

Here is a thought. Any possible way we can maybe link him to Operation: Slapshot through a vague innuendo and rumor?
Good stuff. The moderator on our boards made it so every time you type 'Eklund' it shows up as 'a know-nothing hack'...
Just like Michael, I do my darndest to not talk about Eklund on my blog. As a matter of fact, I was getting ready to link to what is indeed a FANTASTIC piece about the fungus called "The Hockey Blogger", when I stopped myself, knowing that all I would do is give the a-hole much more unneeded attention/ego-fertilizer/what-not.

I keep hoping that maybe, just maybe he will get in trouble with a team, and/OR, maybe the NHL itself. Be it through that or something else, it is a firm belief of mine that Eklund will get himself into some major hot water, be it soon or eventually. Given the way he does things AND royally p***es off a lot of people, including us, how can he not?
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