Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Thrashers Bring Back Karel Pilar ... W0T??

by Jes

Karel Pilar, the guy with the serious heart condition, has found a road back into the NHL via the Atlanta Thrashers. Greg must be creaming in his pants right about now.

I seriously hope this doesn't end badly. Remember, Pilar has battled a serious heart condition for the past few years, and has played just 16 games in the past 2 seasons.

Here's a little reminder of what Pilar can do for a club. Check out the clip of him and Robert Reichel back in their Litvinov days.

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Good for him, I've always liked Pilar and I wish him the past. I hope he gets a serious opprotunity with Atlanta.

As long as Atlanta and Pilar himself has done sufficient medical screening to ensure there are no serious concerns with him he could potentially help the team.

He'll definitely need time to get back up to speed with the NHL level game, certainly one could see last season in the AHL that he wasn't his old self.

He's got some ofensive upside and can be a very useful player given time. He would seem to be rather well suited to the so-called "New NHL". Could become a rather nice guy to have around in a 3rd pairing role.
Ahhh, you beat me to it.

I'm happy -- more Czechs in Atlanta -- though really, I was hoping for Danny Markov, and Pilar is realistically one more addition to a growing collection of #5/#6 defensemen.

The heart thing kind of worries me -- though I can't find enough info on viral myopathy to figure out just how much of a danger it is. It sounds like he's been cleared and re-cleared over the years, so I wouldn't bet money on him remaining healthy.

The Thrashers also added a Slovak -- no love for Bartovic?
Dammit, we don't need another Slovak (or any other European) on the team...We have more than enough on the team as it is (and I think that's why fans haven't warmed up to the Thrashers as they did the Flames)

I'm not prejudiced against foreign players, but in a market like Atlanta, you need players the fan base can warm up to, not someone to whom English is a second language...
I am pretty sure English is a second language for Atlanta. Their native language is "Howwwwdyyyy". Maybe we should put a Nascar on skates and push it across the ice.
The heart condition is a serious thing, I thought he is going to play another year for EVIL sparta and retire afterwards. Anyway, good move by Atlanta.
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