Friday, August 17, 2007


See Ya, Patty

By Greg

Lost in the excitement of absolutely nothing happening this week, Patrik Stefan has signed on with SC Bern of Switzerland this week. There's one of those out-clauses in case some NHL team decides to take a flyer on him in the next few weeks, but really, considering that this was probably the most memorable moment of his NHL career, I wouldn't count on that happening.

I was always fond of the guy (enough to shell out way too much money for one of his game-worn jerseys), despite his lack of impact and the slowly diminishing expectations. Each year, I'd convince myself that he was going to click with such-and-such linemate on the Thrashers, but by the end of his Atlanta career, I was just hoping he'd be a decent third-line center.

He'd often get mentioned as a candidate for worst-ever #1 pick, and while I'd bristle at that ... I've got to admit he's in the exclusive company of Brian Lawton and Alexandre Daigle. Of course, maybe it was a no-win situation -- looking up a few things for this post, I'm reminded of just how brutally bad the 1999 (first-round) draft class has turned out to be. Aside from the Sedins, Barret Jackman, and Martin Havlat, there really weren't any players that have made a bigger impact than Stefan in the first round, and only a handful of others are still in the league. (The later rounds, with Zetterberg, Frantisek Kaberle, Ryan Malone, Niclas Havelid, Ryan Miller, Fedor Fedorov, and Vaclav Pletka, may be far superior to the first.)

As a send-off, I tried in vain to find a NHL YouTube clip that didn't end with Ales Hemsky scoring a goal. Instead, here's a nice bit from Stefan's lockout stint with Ilves of Finland.

Viel Glück in Switzerland, Patrik!

And on this note, I'll be in London most of the next two weeks. Since I usually post here about once every two weeks anyway, you won't notice a difference, but at least now I have an excuse.

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Fedor Fedorov!?! ha ha ha ha
Stefan has to be the worst #1 pick in NHL history. When I am inspired (something Stefan never is), I'll do a post about it.

PS: I want pictures and updates!!! Vacation != excuse not to post ;)
The Fedor Fedorov reference was my little tribute to Sidearm Delivery, since it's also moving to Switzerland (or something).

I'm sure I'll post photos of the London trip, but probably over at the PPA site, since I can't imagine there's much desire for "photos of Greg drunk" here.

I'd call Daigle a worse pick than Stefan, because the Sens went to great lengths to get him, and could have had Pronger/Kariya as opposed to Sedin/Sedin. But both picks were disastrous.
Was that assisted by Steve Kariya?
Stefan said his NHL career ain´t over yet. Funny guy at least!
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