Monday, August 13, 2007


Photo of the Day: Dustin Penner's Day With the Cup

Some guys do strange things with the Stanley Cup ...

Dustin Penner? He decided to take it for an MRI.

After a good hour's drive from Winnipeg, Uncle Dale pulled up in front of the Boundary Trails Health Centre, where Dustin's Mom, Linda, is a nurse. His grandfather was there to meet him, too. They took the Stanley Cup through the hallways, saying hi to so many of the patients, then stopped in an area with which Dustin is all too familiar. In fact, he has spent so much time in this particular room that his photo is taped to the MRI machine there. "Hey, they're responsible for putting me back together," he smirked with a shrug.

Penner better have made the most of his time with the mug, since he'll never get close to it again as a member of the Oilers.

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I think that's a CT, actually. Which is probably a good thing. Even though the cup is presumably non-magnetic, the Lorentz forces generated when trying to move that mass of metal that close to an MRI would be staggering.
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