Thursday, August 16, 2007


New York Islanders Commit Crimes Against Fashion

by Jes

I'm not much of an Isles fan, but I always appreciated the classic, clean uniform style, colouring, and font of their recent uniforms. Most people wouldn't put the Isles fashion at the top of their NHL list, but I think that their design was underrated and underappreciated.

Now? They've joined the 'more crap is better' category with these ...

Over at The FanHouse, Greg W's got the scoop on how the Project Runway crew thinks these new designs suck more than Eddie Murphy's latest movie.

Let's not mince words, here. These things look like shit, and are almost as awful at the Captain Highliner sweaters the Isles once wore. If I were American, I'd sue the Islanders for eye trauma and mental anguish.

Unfortunately, this is just the pinnacle of a disturbing trend towards busier and gaudy looking NHL uniform designs. From the Buffaslug, to this... designers seem to think that 'more is better'.

The real reason why Briere and Drury left Buffalo


The best uniforms are always clean, classy, and uncluttered. The Habs, Wings, Blackhawks, Bruins, and Blues always got top marks (apart from some variant exceptions) for their designs.

Remember the horrid 3rd uniform designs a decade or so ago? The Canucks red pylon sweaters, the Duck flying out of the ice? The king head? Yeah, those were scrapped quite early. Once the Powers That Be caught on to the fact that people want their uniforms to look GOOD, and not edgy, we saw a nice retro-renaissance.

Now, as long as people keep buying this new crap (like the Buffaslug), we'll continue to be inundated with more crap like this. All they need to do is put ads on the things, and we'll have European style uniforms.

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MY EYES! that is entirely TOO MUCH "safety" orange. wow. (>_<)
Maybe that`s the idea. Blind the opponents.

We`ll see goalies with sunglasses after awhile 8)

I guess the artists on the NHL design teams missed the lesson on K.I.S.S.

Or else they figure if the players are really, REALLY obvious they won't miss passes to each othe ras often.
The Islanders will look like pylons in their away jerseys.
That last jersey looks oddly familiar.
That last jersey looks oddly familiar.

It should! I stole it from your closet.
That last jersey looks oddly familiar.

It should! I stole it from your closet.
Best comment from the Project Runway fashionazis:

"But as the NHL has argued time and time again, this change is about functionality as much as it is with fashion; and it doesn't get much more functional than being able to direct traffic on an airport tarmac with your sleeves."

Tee. Hee.
Is that a Liberec sweater? Niiiiice.
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