Sunday, August 12, 2007


Kyle Beach: Bad, or Just Misunderstood?

by Jes

The name KYLE BEACH is one you'll hear quite a bit heading into the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. After a very successful rookie season with the Everett Silvertips (61 points in 65 games), the 6'3" forward has all the tools to succeed in the NHL.

He's also a bit of a bitch, and is scaring some scouts with his attitude issues. I've seen him play against the Giants, and he is very much a Sean Avery-type. He whines, he dives, he yaps, and he generally makes an ass of himself sometimes. He's also one of the players who was alleged to have called Milan Lucic a hunchback (due to Lucic's condition where his spinal cord is a bit crooked).

So, is this just enthusiasm gone wild or the symptom of something bigger?

His mom? You know what she'll say.

Although he's seemingly destined to be a lottery pick in next year's NHL draft, Kelowna's Kyle Beach has, for years, been shadowed by the adjective bad.

Bad reputation. Bad attitude. Bad boy of junior hockey.

Those who are closest to Beach would like to add another: Bad rap.

"He is totally misunderstood and, as his mother, I have a hard time accepting it," said Rhonda Beach, from the family's Kelowna home.

"A lot of people think he's a dirty player or he's a bum who deserves to be kicked out but they're not watching closely. So much of what he does on the ice is because he's out there for his team, trying to defend them and trying to protect them and trying to win.

"And off the ice he's very different. He's a very mature, considerate young man who I think when you meet him is very impressive.

Well, mommy, I admire Beach's fearlessness and enthusiasm, but he will have to reign it in eventually and pick his spots. Either Beach will become squashed like a fly on a windshield, or teams will get tired of his crap.

At least Beach is still young enough where he was lots of room to mature and grow. (and get a better haircut)

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I played against Beach in our Spring hockey league this year, and although he's got some talent, he is whiney as hell, and pretty dirty.

Our team beat his nearly every time, so I'm sure that didn't help.

Stopped him on a couple breakaways... so if you can't score on me, you really shouldn't be in the NHL... haha
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