Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Hail Senator Forsberg?

by Jes

It seems the Peter Forsberg rumor train, that has toured through Colorado and Detroit, has no landed in Ottawa.

Yes, Bryan Murray and the Ottawa Senators apparently have interest in Forsberg, and would love him to play for their squad once he's healthy (as healthy as Forsberg can be, I suppose)

"There should be a number of reasons why we'd be one of the teams he may be interested in joining. I hope he thinks we have a good team, that we got to the final and we have a chance to do it again, and I think Daniel Alfredsson is his friend. I think there are things in our favour."

Murray thinks they are friends? Hmm, all of the scuttlebutt I've heard suggests that they are anything but. While Naslund and Forsberg are quite cozy, Alfredsson has, allegedly, been unhappy with the way Forsberg gets star treatment from the Swedish national squad.

However, these are grown men and could put aside such squabble for the common goal of winning a Stanley Cup. The Senators are at $46.4 million in committed cap space, so Forsberg would have to come at a discount, or have part of his salary not count due to injury.

Just imagine the havoc that the follow forward unit could pull off in a playoff situation ...





Over at The FanHouse, Greg W. is far from impressed ...
Despite being a Cup contender, Ottawa just doesn't seem to fit the profile for what Forsberg and his agent desire. But hey, you can't blame Murray for trying: When your biggest off-season addition is a 38-year-old defenseman playing for his fourth team in three years, dropping Forsberg's name months before he's ready to play is a nice distraction.

I would figure Forsberg's ideal team WOULD be Ottawa, despite its cold winters. The Senators are a definite favourite to take the Eastern Conference, and give Forsberg a shot at one more cup ring.

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1) The likely Forsberg destinations:
a) Denver (Hospital)
b) Philadelphia (Hospital)
c) Stockholm (Hospital)
that line combination would be absolutely awesome

but i want nick foligno to play this year, so you'd have to fit him in there somewhere

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