Thursday, August 02, 2007


Canucks Bring Back Balej

by Jes

WTF??? The Canucks signed yet another Slovak? This is bizarre.

Forget the news about Dustin Penner heading to the Oilers, the Canucks signing of Jozef Balej is 10x bigger than that!

OK, maybe not, but it's nice to see the Canucks continue to relax their Anti-Slovak policy.

Apparently, coach Vigneault is a big fan of Balej's from their days with the Manitoba Moose?

Me? I'm not expecting too much. Even though Balej has some mad skillz, he's basically got Robert Petrovicky's work ethic and consistency.

His numbers in Switzerland last year were not impressive. 30 points in 37 games? meh... even Josh Holden (Remember him?) was better.

Well, I hope he proves me wrong. It's basically a good move for the Manitoba Moose, if nothing else.

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Robert Petrovicky?, isnt it Ronald?
nope, I meant Ronald's older brother, who was once drafted Top 10 by the Hartford Whalers and didn't do well in stints with the Whale, Blues, and Lightning.

Robert has a lot more skill than Ronald, but half of the desire and grit. If you combined the brother's attitude, you'd get one hell of a player.
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