Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The Staal Crime Family

Yes, he wore his hockey sweater to the county jail

It looks like another NHLer is in trouble with the law.

Who? Eric Staal, one of the 'golden boys' of the NHL and EA Cover d00d.

Carolina Hurricanes center Eric Staal was one of 14 people arrested in Cook County, Minn., early Monday morning and charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process. One of his three younger brothers was also arrested.
Staal's agent, Rick Curran, said today that the group was gathered at the Lutsen Resort and Sea Villas in Lutsen, Minn., for Staal's bachelor party and he expected the misdemeanor charges to be reduced or dismissed. Staal, who will be married in August, could not be immediately reached for comment today.

According to a statement released by the Cook County Sheriff's office, after the Sheriff's office received complaints about "screaming, yelling and playing loud music," the group of about 20 was warned "multiple times" before it was ordered to leave the resort by Sheriff's deputies, a Minnesota State Patrol trooper and a U.S. Border Patrol agent at 3 a.m. Monday.

"After leaving the property, the group gathered on Highway 61 and began harassing passing motorists," the Sheriff's office said, at which point 14 members of the group were arrested at approximately 4 a.m.

"I have no doubt there were probably a couple kids lipping off or something like that," Curran said. "Frankly, that goes with the territory. You get that many a group of kids together, somebody is going to say something stupid."

Hmm, a group of young punks partying and making too much noise? *gasp*, colour me shocked and/or appalled. You can see GM Jim Rutherford just rolling his eyes after having to comment on this situation. Basically, young boys will be young boys, and Jimmy could care less as long as Staal doesn't decide to drive while drunk.

Now, how about some creative punishment? Force these dopey punks into a room and pump Barry Manilow at full blast for an hour! That'll teach them a lesson they'll never forget (unless Staal likes Manilow...)

Edit: Eric's got the real mugshots over at The FanHouse. Even in their mugs, they come across as pretty lil' country boys.

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They really do come off as pretty. It's crazy. lol Mug shots aren't supposed to be that pretty.
You crack me up, Jes.

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