Monday, July 09, 2007


Please Bondra, Just Retire!

by Jes

So, it seems that secret agent Peter Bondra wants to return to the Washington Capitals for his swan song.

This was something that I thought should have happened last season. Bondra, a respected vet, would have been perfect for the young Caps squad.

Instead, Bondra went to Chi-Town, and scored his 500th NHL goal in a Blackhawks uniform.

Now? Not so much... like JP at Japers Rink, and Eric at OffWing, I think the Caps ought to say "Thanks for the offer, but we'll pass."

I saw Bondra play live-in-person last season, and knew that it would be his last season in the NHL. While his snapper still had some bite, his skating was noticeably slower than it used to be, and he no longer appeared to be all that dangerous offensively. I saw a Bondra that lacked that killer instinct, and looked like the old lion king. You know, the one that looks worn down, and is breathing heavily while the younger male lions move in to take his females.

In the end, Bondra finished with just 5 goals and 9 assists in 34 games. After a pretty solid start (at .5 points per game), his production slipped drastically, and Bondra could no longer give the Blackhawks anything positive of note. He's not the type of player that you can stick on the 3rd and 4th lines, and he doesn't score enough to play on the top two units, either.

Thanks for the memories, and please don't embarrass yourself with another comeback.

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He looked old and broken down in a Thrasher uniform...He should've retired after that season ('05-'06).

The only reason Don Waddell signed him was to provide "veteran leadership"...
Dunno, he had a strong Olympics in '06 when given decent linemates and ice-time, four goals in six games.

Jes, when you uploaded his 500th goal, it is too bad you didn't include the standing ovation, etc.
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