Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Jason Spezza Nets the 'Other' Game Cover

by Jes

Eric Staal was the lucky one to get his face on EA Sports' NHL 2008.

Well, Jason Spezza earned the 'other' cover, as he'll be the face of NHL2K8.

2K Sports, the sports publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. announced today that Jason Spezza, first-line center for the Ottawa Senators, has been named cover athlete and official spokesman for NHL® 2K8, 2K Sports' top-rated NHL video game for five years in row*.

"It's a great honor to be the NHL 2K8 cover athlete," said Jason Spezza. "The NHL 2K series has always selected some of the best players in the NHL and I'm really excited to follow in their footsteps of representing the finest hockey video game title this year."

The Canadian-born Spezza was only the third player to represent Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championships as a 16-year old. The first round choice of the Ottawa Senators and second overall pick in the 2001 NHL Draft, his great skills were apparent very early in his career. Reinvigorating the sport with his raw talent and enthusiasm, his magnificent performance in the 2007 Eastern Conference finals against the Buffalo Sabres made him one of the most exciting players in the next generation of NHL stars.

"We are thrilled to have Jason Spezza as our cover athlete for NHL 2K8. Spezza is a player that truly embodies the spirit of hockey which is something that we pride ourselves in with the NHL 2K series," said Graeme Bayless, President of Kush Games. "We are very pleased to be working with a cover athlete that is such an avid gamer and who is committed to contributing valuable insight to the authenticity and development of the NHL 2K series."

Let's face it, Staal is not the most charismatic player, while Spezza loves the spotlight and is generally a great interview. If I am going to choose someone to be on the cover of my game, I'd rather they have more personality than a cardboard box.

Kudos to NHL2K8 for getting Spezza on their cover. Now, if only they'd have Slovak league teams...

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d00d, you've never even seen an interview with Eric Staal--how would you know what his personality is like? :p
I second that on the need for Slovak league teams.
Well, I have seen an interview with Eric Staal, and he doesn't exactly light up a room (but that could be said about 90% of the NHL)...

On the other hand, about being on the cover of EA Sports NHL: Dany Heatley was on the cover back in 2003, and look what happened to him...
Isn't the cover of any EA Sports game usually the first sign that you will either have
A.) a horrible year playing or
B.) A entire season lost to injuries.
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