Sunday, July 01, 2007


It's Easy to Hate the Ranger$ Again!

by Jes

For awhile, it was kind of hard to hate the Rangers. Messier was gone, the Czech mafia came in, and the Rangers actually *gasp* let some youngsters play.

Now, the Ranger$ have finally come back to destroy the free agent landscape by opening the vault and signing anyone they can get their hands on.

It was a big day for the Rangers as the 2007 free-agency period got under way on Sunday, bringing with it two of the league's best available centers. Joining the team are two Stanley Cup winners in former Buffalo Sabres co-captain Chris Drury and longtime New Jersey star Scott Gomez. These two, who combined for 129 points in 2006-07, are both famous for coming up with the big goal.


Drury - 5 years for $32.25mil. I've never liked this prick.

Gomez - 7 years for $51.5mil. Joe Thornton was a much better deal.

Meanwhile, the Philly Flyers are going insane, the Canucks are laughing from the sidelines and doing nothing, and Greg's Avs picked up Scott Hannan for 4 seasons.

If I wasn't knee deep in a case project, I could get my head around all of this monetary insanity.

But, at least I know it's OK to hate the Rangers again.

And Buffalo...damn... talk about a dark day in team history.

The cap? I think it was more about the players hating Buffalo (remember the THN poll?) than the salary cap.

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You took the words right from my mouth man. Just when the Rangers were getting normal, they go and do this. Not a bad way to replace Nylander, but still...watching them lose now will be so satisfying.
Can't complain about Hannan -- though I suppose he has the potential to become this year's Jay McKee. My stupid Ryan Smyth hopes got a boost, though, and that's causing unneeded angst.
Lets put some of these salary numbers into perspective, especially the comments of Dave Nonis who is criticizing these numbers as being pretty "ugly" and "unprecedented".

Two years ago when Nonis signed Naslund to a $6 million salary the cap was $39 million. So Naslund received 15.38% of the cap. That same percentage of this year's cap of $50.3 million works out to $7.74 million.

That same year Burke signed Neidermeyer to $6.75 million or 17.3% of the cap. Today that equates to $8.7 million under the $50.3 million cap.

Last year Nonis signed Luongo to a $6.75 million deal with a $44 million cap or 15.34% of the cap. At today's cap of $50.3 million that is equivalent to $7.7 million.

So whats the difference between the Rangers with Gomez at $7.4 and Drury at $7.1 and Vancouver with both Naslund and Luongo at $7.7 each - on an equivalent basis.

Besides wouldn't it be great if Gomez "craps out" after signing the big contract just like Naslund did, especially since the Rangers will be stuck with him for 8 years!
I'm not a fan of Drury either. I think Sather has been reading Bucci's gushing reviews of Drury again. Well, at least the Flyers and Rangers are making a mockery of the new CBA, good for them.
1) If a GM wanted to stick it to Glen Sather he'd make a HUGE offer sheet for RFA goalie Henrik Lundqvist! Would be fun to sit back and watch the Ranger brass swing in the wind should that occur!
2) Ofcourse they'd match it somehow, but they'd have to gut some other assets for nothing to do so. Would be a shame!
Those darn Rangers! If only there were some system in place to keep the Rangers from spending so much! Like an upper limit on a team's total salary! :)
All of you....

Welcome to the (new) New York Rangers! Everyone plays by the same rules this season, so let's examine a basic timeline and history thus far: 1. Not one Ranger from 06-7 WANTS to leave the team -- a relative no-name hard working defense, a couple of aging All-Stars, and a solid 'wanting to be there' support team and management.

Made the playoffs for the first time in 12 years. Swept Atlanta first round. Tied up Buffalo 3rd & 4th game, until that damn DRURY in the 5th game tied our lead with 7 seconds left. (imagine if he was on OUR side?). Game six, second round -- Rangers defeated, but vow to pick it up and take the division next season.

Off Season, we pick up 2 of the 3 MOST WANTED free agents -- with everyone teams' salary caps in check (the Rangers were significantly under cap for this very reason) - while EVERY team in the league is rumoring that they have one of these free agents.

The Rangers pick up Drury AND Gomez, and suddenly we suck again to all on this page and anyone not a Blueshirts fan. Your team aside, isn't this good for the NHL here in the states?

Major inferiority complex here, folks! And my Dad can beat up your Dad too!

Prepare for THE DARK RANGER romp!

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