Sunday, July 08, 2007


CBA Tidbits

by Jes

Since I was a bit bored, I decided to check out the CBA document (not to read the entire thing, mind you) and see what neat little facts I could pull out.

1. "Except as expressly set forth in Section 11.5 below, no SPC shall be valid or enforceable in any manner whatsoever unless and until it has been filed with Central Registry and approved by the League or the Arbitrator."

In the case of the Edmonton Oilers 'signing' Nylander, the CBA clearly shows that they have no case here. While the agent might have lied to the Oilers, he certainly didn't commit his client to their team. In real contract law, Nylander WOULD have to provide compensation to the Oilers for breach of contract. The CBA? That trumps normal law for any NHL dealings.

2. "Clubs may not establish team bonus plans."
Ahh.. in the real business world, the best bonus plans are the ones that reward company goals, and not individual ones. Sadly, the NHL would rather not allow the teams to forge some sort of target for their players to match together. Imagine a $250,000/player bonus for the Hawks players to make the playoffs? You'd better believe they'd play somewhat harder.

3. Regarding Salary Arbitration: "The League shall obtain and provide to the NHLPA any statistics relative to any aspect of Player performance: (i) kept or maintained by the League; or (ii) retained by any Club. The NHLPA shall provide to the League any statistics relative to any aspect of Player performance kept or maintained by the NHLPA."

Ahh, yes, those HITS and TAKEAWAYS that we're no longer allowed to see on a TOTAL basis. I remember the NHLPA used to post their own stats, but stopped that practice. It's pretty lame that stats are seen simply as a negotiating tactic, rather than simple information.

That's just 3 of the chewy little morsels I saw in this big package. It's funny just how much stuff they have to pack in here. Nothing can be left to chance ...

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I wish life were that simple...

If Nylander bypassed his agent and signed the contract himself then the contract with WSH could be voided due to him violating CBA rules.


"Except as expressly set forth in Section 11.5 below"

Allows for challenges, etc.. and doesn't guarantee a contract that is NHL-approved stays approved.
2. "Clubs may not establish team bonus plans."

Does anyone know why this would be the case? Like Jes said, the best way to get people to perform as a team is to reward them as a team.
I think the "richer" clubs might be able to throw out juicier bonus plans to the players than the less fortunate ones. That's the only valid point as far as I can see. If this doesn't go under the salary cap that is.
True. And if you made it so the team bonus counted against the cap, then the bonus would be somewhat insignficant.

If you planned your team to be 1 million under the cap, then you could offer some sort of bonus to the tune of about $45,000 per player (on a 22 player roster)

But still, you'd think it should be fair game as long as the team stays below the cap.
NHL posts players' hit totals, as well as giveaways and takeaways, and blocked shots, in the statistics section of, category "RTSS". Unless you worded that wrong... or my headache is making me see things...

- Jer
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