Thursday, July 12, 2007


Alexei Yashin is a Sad Panda

by Jes

Everybody's favourite overpaid whiner, Alexei Yashin, is apparently unhappy that NHL clubs aren't tripping over themselves to obtain his services.

"We are still talking to some teams. So far the offers we have received we are not happy with," Gandler said in an interview with CKNW Radio in Vancouver. "If we are not going to get what we are looking for, then he (Yashin) will definitely go to Russia."
Oooooooh, is that a threat, jimmay?

I can just imagine 29/30 NHL GM's are doubled over in laughter at that statement, while Kevin Lowe panics and screams "OMG, we can't let this happen!"

"I'm looking at players who are older and less productive and they are getting significant salaries. He just does not want to be the whipping boy. That's just not going to happen."

Despite his disappointment with the offers so far, Gandler says there is still interest in Yashin.

"We have some ongoing discussions with some teams that are pursuing Alexei seriously, but as I said the level of which they are doing so does not make sense for us," Gandler told the Vancouver radio station.

Gee, it couldn't have anything to do with the fact that Yashin is a selfish, lazy, cancerous assclown, could it? Who wouldn't want a guy that disappears when the regular season paycheques stop coming?

Yashin has already proven, many times, that he cares purely about monetary compensation, and is not willing to play hard once the playoffs start. Ever wonder why his teammates on Long Island thought so little of the guy? Yashin, simply put, is the lazy Sales asshole who gets paid the big salary, gets all the perks, flies around the country on business trips, and expects everyone else to do the grunt work and clean up the accounting messes for him.

Gandler is already on the record that his client won't accept a discount just because Yashin got a huge buy-out from the Isles. This isn't surprisingly, given how Gandler players are NEVER discounts. If Yashin doesn't get what is perceived to be 'market value', don't expect him in a NHL uniform come September.

While Ka$hin could provide some offensive boost for a few clubs, he just isn't worth the money, headaches, or locker room infighting. Unless he is willing to accept a discount, which he won't, Yashin will find himself in the cold, or Columbus. If I am a GM, I'd let Yashin be somebody else's problem.

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If Ya$hin wanted to play in the NHL, he would have taken what he is offered by now.

Apart from actuall skills and stats, a player's salary value can also be attributed to how much of a fan draw he/she could be. Last time I checked, nobody wants to go see Ya$hin play anymore.

I think you'll like this pic better than the other ones. :)
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