Thursday, June 14, 2007


Video of the Day: 2-Man Advantage #2

by Jes

The first episode of 2-Man Advantage video that was posted was apparently so popular that they decided to make a sequel during the Sabres/Isles series.

Mr. Muscles decides to switch to an unbuttoned shirt (is it working for ya, buddy?), and some Isles fan joins in on the fray.

I love the raggin' on Zednik. His vocab is basically "you know" and very accented English. I can easily understand what he's saying, but I can understand that most folks wouldn't.

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Hi Jes -

These guys are pretty funny. In fact, one of the guys looks like this one:

(Pro wrestler, Disco Inferno...just as cheesy)
Ahh, I remember the good old days of the WCW...

I appreciate you gettin' us up on your blog Friday the next episode should be's a little different but I think it'll just blow your head off
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