Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Transatlantic Tenkrat

by Greg

In news that completely mucks up the balance of power in the NHL, Petr Tenkrat signed a "provisional" contract with Sweden's Timra IK this past week. It's safe to say that Claude Julien didn't know about this beforehand, or he would never have taken the Bruins job. Without Tenk's 14 points in 2006-07, it's not certain the Bruins could have managed their sterling 13th-place finish.

The contract does have an out clause if he signs with a NHL team by September (and really -- you're telling me he couldn't crack the Chicago or St. Louis lineups?), so there's still an off chance North American audiences will get another season to thrill to Tenkrat.

In all seriousness, this continues a string of bad luck for anyone that your Hockey Rants bloggers choose to support. Jaroslav Balastik didn't do so hot in Sweden after the Blue Jackets cut him adrift, and he'll be back in the Czech Republic next season. Tomas Kloucek is showing Career AHLer tendencies. Gilbert Brule fell a little short of Jes's Calder Trophy predictions. So if we endorse a player -- drop 'em from your fantasy team.

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