Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Photo of the Day: Ducks Damage the Cup

by Jes

I know the Stanley Cup has been beat up more than a GW Bush piñata at Osama Bin Laden’s 50th birthday bash, but can’t these teams show a little more respect and care for the holy chalice?

What damaged the cup so badly?

1. Chris Pronger’s elbow
2. Brad May’s right fist
3. A Chris Kunitz cross-check
4. Sweden

In other Ducks news, how about the rumours that Scott Niedermayer is thinking of retirement? That ought to give Ducks fans cardiac arrest, or at least mild indigestion.

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hey, nothing guarantees you a place in hockey history like breaking the stanley cup. too bad we probably won't get the story to go with it until five years from now when some ex-duck is trying to promote his ghost-written autobiography.
Secret Option 5. A Slovak spy disguised as a blogger looking to discredit a nation that has done nothing but give us stunning blonde women and meatballs.
option 6: A Daniel Alfredson dump-in.

lol nice.

I was thinking maybe the Dallas Stars got their hands on it.
What's with all these bloody Yanks lifting the cup over their head?
Pronger took the Cup over to Christy Chorley's house, and she whacked him on the chin with it.

Seriously, though.... A year ago today (tears stream down my cheek), Hurricanes equipment manager Wally Tatomir dropped the Cup at some point when the team was partying in the dressing room. It was kept kind of hush-hush, and it wasn't quite as noticeable as that one.
Last year, the engraver had to disassemble the whole Cup anyway to add the new ring (and get rid of the oldest one), so it was an easy fix. This one will be more work for her.
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