Friday, June 15, 2007


NHL Awards Aftermath

by Jes

Now that the NHL's hardware has been disbursed, it's time to assess the damage the NHL Sportswriters have done.

  • While the Selke (Best Defensive Forward) has always been the hardest to quantify, progress has been made and some people actually went to the work to try and make a scientific reasoning for selecting a winner.

    The numbers clearly show that Pahlsson has the best case, by far, for winning the Selke.

    Instead, the MSM goes with the 'default' choice and Rod "the Bod" Brind'Amour wins.

    After watching the playoffs, I'm sure a few mediots wish they could redo their choice.

    Well, next season, Pahlsson can be the default choice and will win, barring a serious injury or collapse.

  • Poor Roberto Luongo went 0-for-2, as well as winning the Worst Hair Award. Lighten up on the grease, bud! Oh, and get used to failure. It comes with being a Vancouver Canuck.

  • Crosby needs to let loose just a little, don't ya think? D00d is as stiff as the Queen's upper lip, and was as comfortable in front of the throngs of suits as I am on any commercial aircraft.

    Sidney, of course, was the biggest winner with both the Pearson and Hart trophies to add to his collection.

  • How many awards did Ovechkin win last night?

  • Phil Kessel gave up his left nut to win the Masterton. Does he get the Hart if he gives up the whole package?

  • If you don't show up for the Awards show, they should do the same thing they do with Door Prizes: Give it to the next winner in the room.

    How could Evgeni Malkin not show up to accept his prize? Surely, he knew he'd win it. It's disgraceful that he couldn't take a few days out of his schedule to fly over and accept the award. He'll never get another chance at the Calder.

    It would have been nice for Ron MacLean to say "Has anyone seen Malkin? 3 .. 2.. 1 .. OK, Malkin's not here to claim the prize. So, we'll give it to the next guy on the list: PAUL STASTNY"

    C'mon, you would have cracked up! It would certainly give incentive for these lazy ass Russians (remember Mogilny?) to show up and claim their prizes.

  • The music sucked. The music always sucks.

  • Stephen Harper and Gary Bettman sitting next to each other. Where is a crazy man with a bomb strapped to his chest when you need one?
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    Some thoughts on the awards show:

    1. Here in the States, Versus didn't air the show until around 10:10 Central time...

    2. To me, the only reason to watch (and the only celebrity I recognized) was Trish Stratus. To bad she didn't present an award with Pat Quinn...

    3. Last night, it was somewhat painful to see Ron MacLean go from straight man for Don Cherry to stand-up comedian...

    4. As I said earlier, the only celebrity I recognized was Trish Stratus...With all the Canadian hosts, the show passed it's quota for the CRTC's Canadian Content laws.

    5. At least the show didn't open with that ridiculous "The Hockey Song" like in years past.

    6. With all the stones thrown at the NHL, at least they do something right with their awards ceremony; NASCAR is the only other sport that does the same thing...Several people wish that MLB would do the same thing with their awards, instead of dragging it out over 3 or 4 weeks in November.
    Gordy Howe's rambling kinda gave me a "that's such a nice story grampa, now time for your nap" feeling.
    Even I had a hard time identifying these 'celebrities', and I watch too much TV to begin with.

    Ron MacLean is not a great awards show host. C'mon...spring for Mike Myers or a real comedian. Hell, bring in Andrew Dice Clay just to make everyone feel uncomfortable.

    I agree with the Howe sentiment. wak wak wak wak wak wak...just give the damn award away!
    Actually, Luongo went 0 for 3, Pearson, Vezina and Hart. I was there and got to see him up close and personal. Say what you want about his hair, that man looked fiiiiiiine to me.
    Pretty surprised (well, in a way), that Luongo didn't end up with one of the awards. I would have figured he'd get one of Pearson/Hart, with Crosby getting the other.

    Oh well... it's Crosby... I can't argue the choice.

    The Selke is a joke.
    How many awards did Slovaks win that night, Jes?
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