Thursday, June 21, 2007


Jeremy Jacobs = NHL BoG Chairman

by Jes

A one line item from the Globe and Mail spells doom for the NHL:

"The NHL's board of governors has elected Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs as its new chairman."

OMG!! WHY!?!?!

This is typical of the NHL, which favours the Old Boys Club over people who actually might want to help the game succeed.

Jeremy Jacobs has done nothing but ruin a great market with his tight-fistedness and stubborness. Part of the reason why those dickheads at ESPN always clamour "Nobody cares about hockey" is because of what Jacobs has done there in the New England area.

Now, he's being given the keys to the car??

We shouldn't be shocked, given how the league has let Bill Wirtz ruin the Chi-Town market while having the ear of the commish. It's just sad that somebody who has no interest and ability to grow the game is now sitting in the big chair.


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I think its a great move, and a giant step in the right direction
Wow! I didn't know Gary Bettman read my blog.
1) William Wirtz didn't want the job ?
I agree, what a horrible, horrible decision.
Bettman is a hockey no-mind that is ruinging the NHL's credibility, not that they had much to begin with. Colie Campbell sucks too!
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