Friday, June 01, 2007


Hlinka Dinka Doo

By Greg

I'm always a big fan of unexpected signings, of guys making late debuts. And of course I'm a sucker for the Czechs. But even so, I was more than a little surprised to emerge from my summer hibernation and see that the Avalanche had signed Sparta Praha's Jaroslav Hlinka.

The Avalanche release rather oddly refers to Hlinka as a "prospect" -- it would seem that at 30, he's a little past that designation. He led Czech champion Sparta in scoring last year, he's been a star for some years in both the Czech and Swiss leagues.

Small and speedy according to this old Hockey's Future article, it's hard to figure where exactly he slots into an Avalanche squad that would seem to have its top six forwards pretty set. I'd guess fourth line/power play if he makes the team. (And if not, I imagine there's a clause involving a return to Europe -- I can't imagine he'd give up Czech stardom to play for the Lake Erie Monsters. Though who knows? I hear Shaker Heights is a fun place.)

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I confidently predict his hockeydb file will ultimatelyl indicate 0 career NHL games played. Pre-season hype, late-camp cut, first bus back to Prague.
"He is too old! Too old to begin the training" - Yoda

Jiri Dopita says 'Hi'

I don't get it.. the Avs don't need another finesse/offensive forward up front. Hlinka might be good, but he's also quite old and will likely struggle.

Still, I'd like him to do well so that $parta is without him for the season.
He is a one-dimensional player, if he doesn´t make it on a scoring line he will be back by christmas.
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