Saturday, June 23, 2007


Draft Dealings and Musings

by Jes

So, the fire-sale in Nashville continues and the Preds deal away Tomas Vokoun away for a few lottery tickets. Fun.

Yes, it's true that Czechs and Slovaks love to come and play hockey in North America.
Czech and Slovak youngsters are far more likely than their counterparts from any other European hockey countries to head across the Atlantic as soon as possible. According to the International Ice Hockey Federation, of the 575 young players to leave Europe for the CHL since 1997, nearly 500 have been Czechs or Slovaks. Most of the remainder has been comprised of players from the former Soviet Union, with a small group of Swedes, Finns, Danes and other Europeans mixed in.

That's a very LARGE majority, and speaks more to cultural differences than differences in the hockey training.

The Canucks? They passed on Michal Repik (who went to Florida) TWICE to pick Patrick White and Taylor Ellington. Why can't the Canucks EVER pick somebody I want?

Patrick White? Today's local newspaper describes him as a 'work-in-progress'. That means he is 'raw' and that means he will be a bust. How many works-in-progress end up as great players? Bah!

Guys named Taylor? They wear makeup and are softer than silk. SOFT NAMES MAKE SOFT PEOPLE!

Giants d-man Jonathan Blum went 23rd to the Predators. Congrats to him, and good luck in Hamilton.

Edmonton made a lot of moves to get 3 picks in the 1st round. Knowing the Oilers 'ability' to draft, all 3 of them will turn out crappy.

What's with all the suits and ties? That's so overdone and it's so stiff. You are hockey players, not corporate asshole businessmen. You guys are gonna put on a team sweater, anyway, so why bother with the fancy clothes.

Me? I'd go with bright orange hair and a gothic outfit, just to freak people out and show them I'm a total bad-ass.

Spencer Machacek of the Giants just went to 67th to Atlanta. Lucky Greg....

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The Oilers picked Milan Kytnar in the 5th - guess he'll be crap too, right?
Milan Kytnar plays for my hometown team in Topolcany. He is certainly not crap. He is a very effective two way centre. He is a shorter but more offensively skilled version of Tomas Kopecky.

Kytnar was very effective for Slovakia at the WJCU18. He and Adam Bezak formed a very good line together, both were on the list of top scorers.

It is a bit confusing to me how most of the Swedish U18 team was drafted, but hardly anyone from the Slovak team that whipped them easily 6-2. Sweden were totally unable to stop Bezak and Kytnar.

Daloga is another from that U18 team that I am very surprised went undrafted.
I can't understand why the Canucks didn't choose Repik with that second round pick. Or even Moller.

Ellington doesn't excite me at all.


I do however, really like the White selection.
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