Sunday, June 24, 2007


Canucks Acquire "Depth"

by Jes

In the real hockey encyclopedia, "Depth" would have a picture of Vernon Fiddler, and indicate a player that can barely make the NHL, but will pump up your NHL like Ah-nold.

So, colour me unexcited with the Canucks, after an uninspiring draft effort, picked up some of that low-frequency 'depth' that some people jism over.

The Canucks acquired centre Ryan Shannon from Anaheim and defenceman Jim Sharrow from Atlanta, sending forward Jesse Schultz to the Thrashers and the rights to left-winger Jason King and a conditional draft pick to Anaheim.

Better start planning the parade route through Yaletown, right?

OK, maybe I should try and see the good side of this.

1. Jason King, who is a bigger idiot than the average voter, was of no use to the Canucks as he was too busy frolicking around in Europe. King has a decent spurt to start his NHL career, but then got a big head (aka Anson Carteritis) and thought he was the shit. Well, he is 'shit' and good on the Canucks for getting more than a used "Chyna" Playboy. *Shudder*

2. Players named Jesse always suck, so the Canucks did themselves a favour by getting rid of Schultz.

Now, maybe Greg can fill me in on this Sharrow guy before I fall asleep.

Rysn Shannon? He's 5'9" and lighter than air. Given the Canucks bad luck with smurfs (Brandon Reid, Steve Kariya, Herbert Vasiljevs, Lubo Vaic), the odds that this guy is an effective NHL producer are as slim as Angelie Jolie suddenly is. (and WTF is up with that?)

Yes, Shannon's AHL totals have been impressive of late (97 points in 85 games), but just 11 points in 53 games? Yoikes.

Unlike Reid, Shannon's defense doesn't blow...but the Canucks don't need another defensive winger who can't score.

At least Moose fans ought to be thrilled. I'm sure not.

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