Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Big Trouble in Little Slovakia

by Jes

Branko Radivojevic and Marcel Hossa fighting Nazis. No this isn't a low-budget Slovakian action flick. It's a true story!

Normally, I'd scoop this kind of story for ya, but I'm bogged down with so much stuff that I haven't been faithfully visiting my usual Czech/Slovak news sites.

Here is one account, from the Star Tribune:
Wild winger Branko Radivojevic and another NHL player reportedly helped break up a fight in the Trencin, Slovakia, city square over the weekend that left one man stabbed.

According to today's edition of the Slovakia-based Pravda Daily, a man was being attacked by more than 10 neo-Nazi supporters when Radivojevic, New York Rangers forward Marcel Hossa and another friend jumped to his defense. The attackers ran off, but the man was stabbed. Radivojevic and Hossa brought the man to a hospital, where he is recovering after surgery. It is unclear whether Radivojevic knew the victim.
You can pretty much guess how the GMs of the Rangers and Wild feel about their boys going into a brawl, but kudos for the two for stepping up and helping out the poor lad. Whether they knew him or not, Hossa and Radivojevic performed a great deed and should be commended for it.

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FREAKING AWESOME!!! Now that is what I am talking about!

HEJ SLOVACI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and the word verification on this window reads "gejew". irony?)
Too bad Branko didn't pull the jerseys over the heads of a few neo-Nazis and beat some sense into them.
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