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Anaheim Ducks, 2007 Stanley Cup Champions

by Jes

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Congratulations to the Anaheim Ducks for winning the 2007 Stanley Cup over the Ottawa Senators in 5 games.

It wasn't a terribly memorable and pretty Stanley Cup for most hockey fans, and it certainly wasn't the best, but it was a lesson in how to play tough, defensive hockey the Canadian way.

Once again, a Southern-based US team beats a Canadian team and crushes the hopes and dreams of fans from cities that actually about the sport. Welcome to Gary's NHL.

  • Good on the NHL for not letting the family and friends onto the ice until the players skated around with the cup. Do we need the ice cluttered with a bunch of blonde bimbos and their spoiled kids? Let the players have their on-ice party.

  • Scott Niedermayer is not a bad Conn Smythe choice. Chris Pronger had it in the bag until his stupid second suspension. JS Giguere was good, but would have been the cop-out choice, in my awesome opinion.

  • Ducks fans suck. What the hell was this with cheering Gary Bettman? WTF??!?! If a Canadian team won the cup in a Canadian city, Gary would have to come out surrounded by police officers, Vince MacMahon style.

  • Yes, that was one f'ugly goal by Chris Phillips into his own net. No, he is not Steve Smith and he didn't cost his team the series. I still feel sorry for the guy, though. He'll always have that on his resume.

  • Speaking of Gary, did you notice that he was trying to hold on to the cup for a cheesy photo-op while Scott Niedermayer was trying to yank the mug away from him. GIVE HIM THE DAMN THING!!!

  • To sum it all up, here's a comment that one fan left in one of my NHL Fanhouse posts just after the game ended.

    Hello Teemu Selanne, My name is Brad Skinner and i am from
    Winnipeg,Manitoba, the place where you started your amazing career, the rookie season was unbelieveable with 76 goals in 82 games and 132 points, that will never be broken by an rookie. congradualtions on winning the stanley cup after 15 amazing years you truly do deserve it. i am a big fan of you!!

    when you came to winnipeg for the last game at the old Winnipeg Arena you shook my hand and signed my Winnipeg jets jersey of you, i was so happy i almost cried when this amazing moment happened.

    i can not explaine in words how much i look up to you. I hope that you return to Winnipeg sometime soon and if you brought the Cup that would be amazing but even for you to just come back to winnipeg would be unbelievebale. congrats on an amazing
    15 years and on winning lord Standley\'s Cup, many great years ahead, and who knows if nashville moves to winnipeg, maybe you could end your career there. take care and celerbrate because you deserve it!! hope to see you in the City where you started your amazing carreer, Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada.
    take care,

    Brad Skinner, age 16, a teenager who looks up to you.

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  • Comments:
    I did notice that smarmy gloryhound hanging onto the Cup. I actually shouted "Let go, Bettman!" at the screen.
    You were nicer than me Peter, I said "give him the f'in Cup!"
    As I said earlier in the series, the fact that Teemu won was my only consolation for the Sens losing. The sucky thing was that since Teemu won guys like Pronger and May had to win too.
    Bettman should start doing the Vinny Mac entrances, he's so absurd to begin with it stands to reason he should enter every press conference going forward with "no chance in hell" blaring in the background.
    Anaheim is in southern California, not the southern region of the US.

    Anyway - congratulations Anaheim.
    "Ducks fans suck. What the hell was this with cheering Gary Bettman? WTF??!?!"

    Funny; when Bettmann first appeared on the ice to give Scott Niedermayer the Conn Smythe, he was heavily booed...
    Smarmy is the absolutely correct term for Gary Bettman's performance last night. The man deserves an elbow to the head.

    It's too bad that Pronger was too busy celebrating to do his job.
    I'd rather receive a blowjob from a girl with braces on her teeth, than listen to Gary Bettman talk.

    Does that adequately describe my distaste for him?

    Also, congrats to the brothers Niedermayer for winning a Cup together. That along with Selanne getting one, made me happy.
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