Sunday, May 27, 2007


Ziggy Palffy Unretiring?

by Jes

Ever since Zigmund Palffy's (nice hair!) sudden retirement from the NHL a season-and-a-half ago, there have always been rumblings and rumours that he'd come back.

Any time Palffy would put on skates for the hell of it, the Slovak media were gaga that Palffy might play again.

Well, I got an email from Brushback this morning about Palffy, and according to Russian media reports, it appears that Palffy is, indeed, unretiring ... to the Slovak League

*cue Price is Right loser music*

Brushback translates a couple of Russian sites that quote Palffy as being bored of out of his skill and signing with HK36 Skalica.

Now, I am having loads of trouble finding any confirming reports in the Czech or Slovak hockey media, so I wouldn't start popping down the Slivovice just yet.

Still, it would be kick-ass for the Slovak Extraliga and Slovak hockey fans to have Palffy play for his hometown team. Skalica has been one of the league's crappier teams for the past few years, and needs some serious injection of talent.

For more on the career of Palffy, check out my post reflecting back his accomplishments.

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Oh, how I wish Palffy would return to the NHL.

A good friend of mine bought an official Penguins jersey complete with name and numbers of Palffy 3 days before he announced his retirement. Hah!
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