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When Politicians Think They Matter

Oh, boy ... your tax dollars at work.

Some Canadians know, although it's not a big thing in the ENGLISH media, that the Canadian government has summoned officials from Hockey Canada to explain why Shane Doan was named captain of Team Canada at the WC's.

Shane Doan, as you might remember, called a referee a 'Fucking Frenchman', and then some Quebec politician, as they always do, decided to raise a big stink about it. The French media, in their quest to whine about being oppressed by the Anglosphere, crusades on against this so-called injustice.

So, since the Canadian government is always working overtime to appease Quebec, the province that always demands more and whines about not getting enough special treatment *eyeroll*, we have to waste tax dollars on something unimportant like this!

The issue erupted on Parliament Hill this week as opposition parties criticized Doan's selection as captain. Members of the Conservative government agreed with them that Hockey Canada should be asked to tell their side of the story and voted with the opposition to schedule a hearing before a parliamentary committee to explain why Doan was named captain.

Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson, chairman Rene Marcil, and senior director Brad Pascall will appear Thursday before the House of Commons' Official Languages Committee.

The issue first surfaced in December 2005 when federal Liberal MP Denis Coderre, the former minister in charge of sports, asked Hockey Canada to reconsider Doan's selection to the Olympic hockey team for the 2006 Turin Games because of the alleged slur.
Yes, the Canadian government gives Hockey Canada money. Fine. Still, why do they care about what Shane Doan once yelled to a referee? If somebody were to call me a Fucking Slovak, I'm not going to write to my member of Parliament and whine to the local media about it.

Big. fricking. deal. Shane Doan is not the first hockey player to yell out something profane and stupid. Live with it.

Instead of worrying about oil companies gouging consumers, environmental issues, the widening income gap, and other important issues, we get ... this...

Tell me, again, why did we ever stop executing politicians?

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*claps enthusiastically*
Thank you! That pretty much summed up my own feelings about the whole thing!
heh, you should know the number of Franco-Canadian mails I have received regarding this issue and providing us info/articles or begged to write a story on it.

As we'd like to focus on on-ice issues only and are not dealing with political issues nor private situations of players so far I have declined all. I'm sure there are plenty of other websites available who see this is "hockey news". That picked it up amazed me even, but I guess it's big over there. In Europe it's far less of an issue.

Screw them, Doan rules!
Tell me, again, why did we ever stop executing politicians?
We stopped?
The U.S.
As it turns out, it wasn't even Doan, it was Nagy. I guess it's okay to be an antisemetic politician in Quebec, but not to say anything vaguely derogitory to the French culture anywhere in Canada. Morons.
The Bloc is right. The tax payers pay for the team, that's include French-Canadian tax payers, and it's the minimal that the players respect them. That is important, respect. For those f**k England-Canadians that thinks that the politicians are overreacting, they are also overreacting towards the politicians.
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