Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Steve Yzerman: Your Team's Next GM?

by Jes

With Stevie Y leading Team Canada, as GM, to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD!!!!111 at the recent World Championships in Moscow, you know that the media is all swooning over Yzerman as a potential GM of some NHL club.

Yzerman says he's not ready, but you know it's a matter of time before he's offered such a post by some team.

Let's face it, Yzerman is the face of class and dedication in the NHL, is working with the Wings in the front office, and probably has more connections and good relationships than most players.

It certainly appears, from the outside, that Yzerman is aiming to have a big front office role some time in his future. Unlike Mark Messier, who simply puts his name out there to inflate his own ego, Yzerman has been working actively to ease himself into the NHL's rooms of power, and has done so quietly.

With that, I have a look at Yzerman's present qualifications over at The NHL Fanhouse.

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