Thursday, May 31, 2007


The Senators Aren't Hungry Enough

by Jes

How can you explain getting less than 40 shots in 2 games? The Sens are sleepwalking, turning over the puck like it's the new fashion, and pissing away a great opportunity.

Perhaps some of my inspired recipes will generate some hunger in these fools.

You know, Bryan Murray has done a great job with his team up until this series, but I can't help myself to think that he's 'choking' again. Murray has a history of sucking in the playoffs, and now the Sens are being outcoached, outplayed, outhustled, and out-whatever.

When your weakness, Ray Emery, is your best player, then it's either a wasted opportunity, and/or the sign of the rest of the team sucking.

For all of the talk about how the top line has been nullified, how about the supporting cast? Where are they? Spezza/Alfie/Heatley should be shoulder the entire blame when the others on the team aren't lighting the lamp, either.

As for the Ducks, they are simply playing their aggressive style to a 'T'. The Eastern Conference is definitely not nearly as physical as the Western Conference, and the Sens are having troubles with the Ducks physical mosh-pit style of hockey.

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1) Not sure about the East-vs West thought, but certainly the point that the Ducks aggressive style, and immense size advantage IS taking its toll on the Senators
2) Here's hoping that this becomes a NHL trend and we see a return to aggressive, hit or be hit(old time) hockey and leave behind the Euro-centric nonsense of the new NHL
How come it's always "choking" when it's Ottawa, but "being outplayed" when it's any other team?

I've stated before that I don't really buy the SENATORS AS CHOKERS label.

Bryan Murray, on the other hand, has a very long history of playoff non-success behind some good teams.
Ahh okay, I'm so used to hearing "choke" used to describe Ottawa and only Ottawa that I'd just assumed...

I'm not so sure Murray is "choking" here either. The Ducks are suddenly playing the best hockey they've played all year, and Murray's team doesn't have the size to crash and bang with them. He has to keep trying to draw penalties and get some garbage on the PP. What else do you do at this point?

One reader suggested that Ottawa will be better off at home because they can get the top line away from Pahlsson. If Murray can't do this, then there isn't much hope.

Obviously, the Sens don't appear to be a heavily motivated bunch and are playing very sloppy hockey. It's time for some whip crackin.
So how long do they keep the #1 line together in game 3 before trying a plan b?

They be able to shake SammyP's line for about half a shift off faceoffs and then be back where they started.
Plus, Duck checkers are scoring all the big goals. How do they counter that?
That picture is just cruel...I like it!

By the way, I completely agree about the Eastern/Western Conference thing. I think the Western conference has some of the tightest competition (NW Division, for example) whereas the Eastern teams tend to be separated by more points. It just makes sense.
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