Friday, May 04, 2007


Roberto Luongo(d) Deserves Your Love

by Jes
Roberto Luongo

One of the few Canucks players that doesn't need to hang their head in shame after last night's debacle is Roberto Luongo.

If it wasn't for his total Edge & Christian-like awesomeness, the Canucks wouldn't have made the playoffs, let alone beat Dallas in the first round.

His play inspired my girlfriend, Aurian, to write a poem/song, something she wouldn't even do for Jiri Slegr *sigh*

Louie, Louie,
Go Goalie go.
Louie, Louie,
Go Goalie go.

A fine goalie, deserves MVP;
Stood on his head, for the C,
Sitting on the bench all alone,
The rest of the Canucks have gone home.

1.77 goals against,
.941 save percent.
On the team you were the best;
And a better goalie than all the rest!

The fans shout out their love and cheers;
We'll get some scorers for the next year.
We know you'll play like you could win alone,
And next year we'll bring that Cup home!

There's a bit more on Roberto Luongo over at The NHL Fanhouse.

I also have a little story on former Ducks enforcer Garret Burnett, and some trouble he had at a local nightclub.

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Comments: disrespect, dude, but, um...are you dating an 8-year old?
Gee thanks. I was just messing with the lyrics for Louie Louie.
Does Luongo do a 5 second pose too?
A little sumthin-sumthin to cheer up the gloomy Canucks-fans...
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