Thursday, May 17, 2007


Photo of the Day: Ottawa, Canada's Team?

Another goodie from The Instigator ...

Neil MacRae (talk radio dumbass here in Vancouver) made a good point this morning that if the Vancouver Canucks were in the semis instead of Ottawa, CBC wouldn't be trying nearly as hard to pump them up as "Canada's Team".

As much as I like/want the cup to come back to Canada, for purely selfish Anti-American reasons, let's just cut this crap with "Canada's Team".

The Senators are Ottawa's team just like the Oilers are Edmonton's team. I am not a Sens fan, nor do their fans deserve the disrepect of us trying to leap on their bandwagon.

Ottawa is a much different city than Vancouver, and their hockey team is also much different than ours. (Theirs can score goals...) Ottawa and the Senators do not represent Canadian hockey any more than the Anaheim Ducks, who have a roster full of Canadians.

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1) We guess someone can do the numbers, but if someone from Canada simply is rooting for the Senators for nationalistic reasons, how do the Sens compare to the other 3 remaining teams with respect to the number of Canadian born players?
2) Would a Canadian rather see a Swede(Alfredsson) raise the Cup or a boy from Edmonton, ALTA (Scott Niedermayer)?
Aha! Great cartoon!
I'm on the Sens wagon for sure!
Does it make me a bad Canadian if I say I hate the Sens? Well, I'm gonna say it anyway - I hate the Senators. They are boring.
Is it just because Ottawa is Canada's capital city? For some reason I doubt the US media would call the Washington Capitals "America's Team" if they had made it to the East Finals.

Then again, the US media does some really strange things...
Is it just because Ottawa is Canada's capital city?

Er, no. It's because they're the last Canadian team standing. See also Flames '04 and Oilers '06.
Anaheim has more Canadians on their team than the Senators. Go Wings!
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