Monday, May 07, 2007


More Politicians Trying to Cash In on Hockey

by Jes

It seems that whiny Quebecers aren't the only politicians trying to use the sport of hockey for their own political gains.

Manitoba's provincial election campaign has turned its attention to hockey with the Conservatives promising to bring the NHL back to Winnipeg.

Standing alongside former Winnipeg Jet Thomas Steen, Tory Leader Hugh McFadyen said he'll work with the private sector to bring back the team, who left Manitoba a decade ago.

McFadyen won't say how much taxpayer money he'd be willing to put up, but says the government could follow Manitoba Hydro's example and raise money by issuing bonds.

He also says he would consider a special lottery to raise money as well as a players tax similar to one implemented in Alberta at one time.

The Tory leader says an NHL team would make Manitoba more attractive to young people and help stem the tide of university graduates who leave for Alberta.

Hmm, how can we chop this up?

1. How much do you think Gary Bettman and the Powers That Be want another team in Canada, much less Winnipeg? Not gonna happen, folks.

2. Why should taxpayers and bond investors be footing the bill for a hockey team? Unless the team is generating profits for the people (highly unlikely), then the government has no business spending money on a 'toy' like a hockey team. If a private investor can make money in Winnipeg, let THEM make the investment.

3. Manitoba is not attractive to young people because the weather sucks, the place is full of mosquitos, and the economy pales in comparison to Alberta's. Having a hockey team is not going to entice people to stay. They can get hockey in Alberta, anyway.

Hugh McFadyen should just go back to bullshitting his province and sucking up to his corporate masters like he should be.

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