Thursday, May 03, 2007


Hockey Night In Kandahar

A feel good story for today.

A group of Ex-NHLers, including bruisers Tiger Williams and Bob Probert, beat up on some Canadian soldiers, 7-1, in a game of desert shinny.

Under a blistering sun, a group of Canadian hockey heroes faced off against Team Task Force, with hundreds of fans cheering them on. With the Stanley Cup on display, players like Bob Probert, Mark Napier and Yvon Lambert put on a show for the crowd, handling the squad of soldiers 7 to 1.

It was so hot that midway through the third period, goaltender Ron Tugnutt had an iced cappuccino delivered to him in the crease.

Legendary enforcer Tiger Williams was also up to his old tricks, taunting the referees and getting into a playful scrap with Cpl. Mike Loder of the 2nd Newfoundland Regiment.
Playful scrap? Even at Tiger's 'advanced' age, I wouldn't want to be messing with the guy.

Then again, the soldiers have been fighting against guys a lot leaner and meaner than Tiger.

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