Thursday, May 10, 2007


Greg's Third Round Predictions

by Greg

I'm not sure why I still bother, since it's apparent that you could get equally good results flipping a coin. I'm still stinging from my bold pronouncement that the Ducks and Canucks were evenly matched -- maybe I just meant that their names rhyme. In any case, I'll soldier on, with the caveat that if you use these picks as the basis for gambling, you're a moron.

Buffalo vs Ottawa

I've done nothing but pick against Ottawa so far, apparently in the belief that Alexei Yashin is still on the team. I've been nothing but wrong. And, I'm sort of rooting for the Sens at this point (which dooms them -- sorry, Ottawa fans). As Jes pointed out, the Sabres looked a lot less convincing than the Senators in round two -- and against an inferior opponent.

So why am I sticking with the Sabres? Stubbornness? Stupidity? Ryan Miller? Take your pick.

Sabres in 7

Anaheim vs Detroit

Like the Sens, I've learned that picking against Detroit is very foolish. And in fact, I've started to wonder if picking against the Wings is motivated by my distaste for them, and that, in a roundabout way, makes me think I should pick them to win. Following all that?

In the end, though, Anaheim looks pretty damn good.

Anaheim in 6

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