Friday, May 11, 2007


Friday's Frothings

by Jes

So long, Ted!!

Yeah, Ted Saskin was booted out of the NHLPA for being a total greedyputz and biling the PA out of $2mil a year without having the majority support of the people (and here is the key) that he was WORKING FOR. Just like a politician, Saskin seemed to think that he was at the top of the pyramid, and had the right to all of the glorious benefits that a position of power can give.

Instead of truly caring about the people who put him in that position of power (although he wasn't democratically put in), Saskin was more concerned about setting himself up for life, no matter what the players wanted.

Sure, the players came out (most of them, anyway) pretty well in the last CBA, but the way it was done was anything but on-the-level. I equate Saskin to Alan Eagleson's level. Yes, he really is that level of shyster. At least Bob Goodenow, for all of his stubbornness, did the best he damn well could for his peeps. It was Gary Buttman's refusal to deal with Bob Goodenow

Did we see Bobby check his players emails? Divert money for his own legal defence? Hmm? Apart from the whole David Frost thing (creepy), Goodenow was the bestest boss the NHLPA could have.

So, Teddy, too bad, so sad. (NHL Fanhouse Link)


I decided to weigh in on the Ricky Williams (busted, again...) story from a Canadian point of view over at The AOL Fanhouse.

Judging by the comments therein, the average IQ of an NFL football fan is about 35.

Yes, Canada is an evil place where every guy is gay and we spend 90% of our income on public health care while watching inferior football and dealing 30 meters of snow every day of the year.

How many Canadians have watched NFL football? Plenty.

How many Amerikans have watched CFL football? About a dozen, not counting the players themselves or their families.

Nevermind that my original theory is quite valid.

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The CFL is absolutely unwatchable. Every play looks like it was drawn up on the quarterback's palm:
"OK, Biff, you go down the left 5 yards then buttonhook. Chet, down the right side 7 yards then sharp left across the middle. Todd, go deep. OK. Break."
"One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand..."
pah my favorite memories of the cfl was that somewhere near half its teams had the same name...

how hard is it for canadians to come up with 6 good things to call a team?
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