Saturday, May 26, 2007


Chelios: Explain Thyself!

by Jes

When Chris Chelios skipped the post-series handshake line at the conclusion of the Wings/Ducks series, his enemies in the hockey world used this as fodder for their Anti-Chelios stance. Certainly, I was thinking "Typical Chelios" after I heard the news.

Chelios, known as one dirty old guy, was an easy target for those who "respect the fine traditions of the game."

Well, Chelios gave his side of the story.

Reasonable? Yeah, I think it certainly is. (Fanhouse Link)

Chelios will spear you if he ever gets the chance, but he never struck me at the kind of guy who would act like a spoiled brat on purpose. Chelios never usually dodges the issue, so to speak.

Still ...

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Okay, first of all, thanks for sharing the hack journalism from the Windsor Star. Was it really necessary to get that line in there talking about the homicide in front of the bar and then mention the game's "dying seconds".

Secondly, will Chelli go around during the off-season and meet every single one of the Ducks players, shake their hands and apologize then?
Way to piss on your legacy Chris.

Weak excuse chrissy (just freaking retire) and sell your crappy chili into the sunset) ya hack!
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