Wednesday, May 23, 2007


And Then There Were Two

By Greg

There was (for someone rooting for the Ducks) a sick sense of historical inevitability around the third period of last night's game -- when Datsyuk made it 4-2, I figured Anaheim was going to lose, and when he made it 4-3, I just shrugged as if he'd wrapped it up. A strange reaction in a game where his team was still actually losing, but it was a strange series, from the parts I saw -- it never seemed like the teams that should be winning were actually ahead.

So when time finally ran out on the Wings' comeback, I was a bit befuddled -- really, weren't they going to win? I just gave a weak "hooray" and went back to drinking beer and eating quesadillas, unsettled and confused.

Now it's Anaheim versus Ottawa, a series that really has something for everyone -- Canadian vs non-traditional markets, a team that's looked pretty unstoppable despite my nay-saying (Ottawa) vs a theoretical powerhouse that blundered its way through the conference finals (Anaheim), a European captain (Alfredsson), a superstar who's now despised by pretty much everyone except for Duck fans and me (Pronger), and the opportunity for more Emilio Estevez jokes.

Who's gonna win? After relentlessly picking against them through the first three rounds of the playoffs, everything now says Ottawa. Their ruthless dispatch of the Devils and Sabres has made a believer out of me. Much as I'd like to see Pronger and Selanne carrying the Cup, I'm for Ottawa, and I think they're gonna take it.

Of course, I've been wrong about everything else up to this point, and I just checked back to confirm that I did indeed think Nashville was going to win it all this year. So put your rubles down on Anaheim, is what I'm sayin'.

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Anaheim is going to win. Alfredsson touched the conf. champ trophy and Niedermayer didn't.
1) Great minds must think alike. LOL
We both had the same headline to our blog posts today. Ours was about 3 hours sooner.
Beth...last year Brindamour hoisted the trophy over his head and Carolina won the Cup. I think that superstition is dead.
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