Sunday, April 08, 2007


What's Old is New Again in Canuckland

by Jes

Canucks LogoIn light of last night's relief-inducing win over the Sharks to clinch the NW Division, comes a bit of bad news...

From the desk of 'Skeletor':

While many of the Vancouver faithful are in love with the Johnny Canuck logo, the Canucks are intending to keep the old Orca Bay free willy stylized 'C' logo pretty much intact when they formally display their new uniforms. And frankly, it's for all the right reasons. They're not interested in a jersey money grab.

"We felt continuity was important, particularly for our young fans," said Aquilini. "For many of them, that is the only logo they've ever known and we don't want to be changing all the time just for change sake. It's not fair. You can't have a classic uniform if you keep changing and with all the fans we have we'd like to start building toward that.
So, the new owners won't bring in truly new uniforms and scrap the stupid-looking whale-taking-a-dump corporate tribute to the old Orca Bay owners *Sigh*.

Doesn't look like I'll be buying a Canucks sweater any year soon... anyway, I'm in too much of a good news to rip Gallagher a new asshole (although he might enjoy that...).

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