Monday, April 23, 2007


VICTORY !!!!!!

Some people like extreme skiing, cocaine, or cliff jumping. For my adrenaline rush, I'll take NHL playoff hockey for $400, Alex.

Canucks 4 - Stars 1
... Canucks finally got some Power Play tallies, showed hunger in the final two periods, and ultimately won the frickin game.

Trevor Linden = True Playoff Warrior (tm)

I got a shorts and T-shirt on, and I'm DRENCHED in sweat...and now I gotta keep this itchy facial hair going...*scratches*

My g/f: "The Canucks are true to form - all year they have been winning games at the last minute and by one goal... now they did it again in the playoffs!"

I got an email from Brandon, a Stars fan, prior to tonight's game:
Allow me to giggle at the Canucks expense for a second as I was a Stars fan that wrote them off after game 4.

There were also huge questions about the Turco factor (which he has now finally answered)...many here felt they should've stepped in and traded Turco for Roberto
(that dude is freakin' awesome) before Florida delt him to Vancouver...but Armstrong had married Turco and that feeling appears to be well founded. Anyway, I hope Burrows breaks his ankle in pregame tonight and you are very depressed and the Canucks are off ice fishing or some such on Tuesday.

Well, the Canucks responded on my behalf ;)

Bring on the mallards!

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Okay, Jes, I've been coming to this site for a long while so please don't call me a troll but - did you really like the way Vancouver won last night?

I'm not biased. I'm not a die-hard fan of either team but a good number of those penalties called against the Stars were really sketchy. And the coach calling all of his players over to the bench after the icing call may not have been illegal but it was cowardly. Why not just actually battle it out? I actually stayed up till 4th overtime was over in that first game because it was good hockey. The Nucks are a good enough team without needing bogus power plays. I mean, the Sedin twins have blossomed now that you guys got rid of some dead weight (no comment about who that is).

Maybe I'm just silly. I'm the kind of girl who plays Mario Kart and wants to win because I'm good at controlling the car, not because I was able to use shells to knock my opponents out. I think it's kind of like...cheating. There's only two teams in the league that I feel are kind of "professional cheaters" - able to get away with a lot of crap - and that's the Canucks and the Wings. I thought this series was different and I was excited to see a Canadian team winning on pure merit but after Turco's 3 shutouts, I think they panicked. I could be very, very wrong but then again, the Stars have not taken that many penalties this whole series (I'm not saying they . I just find it all a little convenient.

Please don't bash me (anyone). I actually have a kidney and a lung infection but care enough about Jes' opinion to come down to my computer which was not easy.

Thanks for the comments ...

1. If you aren't cheating, then you aren't trying. Yeah, Vigneault's icing tactic wasn't quite on the level, but any coach worth his salt needs to pull these tricks. Scotty Bowman was a master at using TV Timeouts and other things... hockey is war, and you need to do ANYTHING you can to win

2. Don't blame the Canucks for the refs going crazy last night. One thing I've seen out of EVERY fanbase in the playoffs is the feeling that their team is getting screwed by the refs. Yeah, a lot of calls were bush league, but the Stars should have known better after it was obvious the refs were calling everything. The Canucks put on the pressure and the Stars didn't adjust. The Canucks weren't diving, except for Linden, who got caught. I thought the refs were insane, myself, but I've come to expect that from most NHL games these days.

3. Turco was awesome, and certainly proved himself as a playoff performer. His stickhandling/passing ability really helped out his team and frustrated the Canucks offense.

4. Why would you play Mario Kart if you didn't like blasting people with shells? :) That's the point of the game!!!

5. I hope you get well soon.
Alright, alright. As long as you admit that the refs were out of their minds last night. There are fans who will deny this to the death. And you are right about the Stars not reacting to the refs even though I think it is colossally unfair to do to a team in game 7. Linden's dive was so funny, though, that I almost coughed myself into an oblivion laughing. It was that sweet. When he got caught, I had to use my inhaler. So entertaining.

As for Vigneault... I guess I will reserve judgment but it was not cool to moi.

LOL. That's what everyone says about my Mario Kart "morals." I say nothing about stealing satellite signals or butter from the store if you are broke but don't hit me with a shell in Mario Kart!!! That's cuz I'm always in 1st without needing it. :)

Thanks for the well-wishes. I'm off to bed where I'll probably catch some highlights from last night's CheatFest 2007. ;)
For the icing comment, Vigneault is not the only one who uses this tactic during icing calls. I've seen Jacques Lemaire use this same tactic against the Canucks during games, and I'm sure other coaches in the league has done this as well.

I don't think it's illegal, or cowardly. As a coach it's your job to try to outsmart everyone else and give your team any sort of advantage. I don't see why you think this is cowardly, it's been done by most teams over the regular season. :\

And as for the reffing, yeah they went a little bit gung-ho on the calls, but if you look at the time when Stars got all those calls, it's when the Canucks started applying pressure.

The only real questionable call there was Lundqvist's high sticking penalty... as for the rest, like hooking/holding.. they have been calling that all year. Just as soon as they saw your stick above the waist it's a hook, and unfortunately they decided to call a LOT of penalties tonight.

And really, the Stars may have been really off their game tonight because the Canucks can barely score on the powerplay, that I don't know what went wrong when they couldn't easily kill off all those penalties. Man advantage for the Canucks is like Momentum killer for them for the whole series. As a Canucks fan, I wasn't that happy we got all those PPs, but we got lucky that we scored on a broken play, and Linden's stick happened to be where it was to tip it in, and no Stars defenceman pulled a "Willie save" and try to swipe it off the net.
Linden wasn't diving. He doesn't dive. If you actually watched the replay you would have seen that Lindros stuck his skate into Linden's skate tripping him. All the refs saw was Linden falling over the stick and called it diving. They didn't see Lindros use his skate.
What Jes said.

I'm a die-hard Stars fan going through some serious hockey depression right now along with a dose of angst towards Brad Watson and Rob Schick (who both somehow got a pass to screw up some games in the second round).

But I do not blame the Canucks for the officiating. They cashed in on two of their chances and the Stars did not.

There's your game.

Good luck in the second round against the Mallards, BTW>
nice blog. big stars fan here. i know this comment is way too late, but i think you will get a kick out of this sound byte which falls in line with the whole ranting idea you have going on here. the rant is from a local dallas reporter who for years has supported and busted her A$$ getting the city of Dallas to love and support the stars. after the first 4 games of the canuck series last year, she went ballistic at a live radio show from a sports bar:
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