Thursday, April 12, 2007


Top 10 Signs That You Are a Leafs Fan

by Jes

Ok, so I stole this from a fantasy hockey cohort (KrisP) who probably stole it from someone else ...

Top 10 Signs that YOU are a Leafs Fan

1. You spend more time defending the Leafs than cheering them on.
2. You find yourself getting more and more depressed as the season goes on.
3. The words "refs" and "unfair" comes out of your mouth more often than the word "the"...
4. John Pohl is now "da man" because Mats Sundin has gone downhill.
5. You can not stop yourself from being loud and annoying.
6. You think that CBC is not just another one of the Leafs sports channels.
7. You think Don Cherry is a legitimate unbiased hockey analyst.
8. You tend to embarrass yourself at hockey games.
9. You go on other teams fan forums just to bash that team.
10. You go to Sabres games because you can't afford tickets to the ACC.
11. When you look at the photo below, you sincerely think that Andrew Raycroft is going to stop the puck...

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Shouldn't it be top 11? Make it top 12.

12. You blame teachers for everything. Damn their pension fund.
Are you sure that's Raycroft? The helmet doesn't look quite right to me but I could be wrong.

Also, everytime there was a Leafs game on HNIC we have a drinking game and one of the rules is "Whenever Raycroft lets in a soft goal".
Yeah, it should be Top 11. You can blame the lack of sleep caused by the Canucks/starszzzzzzz game.

Those damn teachers also purchased a major container terminal here... damn, those people are rich!
I would be extremely impressed if Raycroft stopped that shot since it's Aubin in net.

And some corrections:

1. People attack you like wild dogs because you like the Leafs. Calm down.

3. It's weird how no other fan base EVER complains about the ref. Not even the ones that raise funds to pay fines for their coaches mistakes (Ruff, MacT)

5. CBC may show a lot of Leaf games but the commentary is certainly not pro-Leaf

7. Cherry is a national treasure.

12. The Teachers ARE the devil.

Go Ducks!
And another correction: Tie Domi does *not* save his best shots fot the golf course.

He saves his best shots for his kid's hockey coach.
Hahah great list. Gotta love those sad little people known as Leafs "fans".

nah, mats is still da man.
And another correction: Tie Domi does *not* save his best shots fot the golf course.

He saves his best shots for his kid's hockey coach.

Ooooh, good wun!!

I googled for a pic of Raycroft...and they gave me Aubin?!?! WTF?? Habs fans playing tricks?
the CBC is not pro-leaf!!!!!???? man, give your head a shake.

Sundin is still the man? And that is based on all those goals he scored over the last 20 games when his team needed him the most, I assume? thats NOT raycroft....gloves, helmet, stick and pads are not the same...its pretty sure your drunk...cuz you dont know what ur talking about...but it was a good attempt to try and diss the leafs.....second on the list with most cups
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