Thursday, April 12, 2007


Seeing Starszzzzz in Vancouver

by Jes

I'm going to be far from the only dead-tired hockey fan in this city after last night's 4OT marathon. Sprawled out on my couch, the first thought that entered my mind after Henrikbot scored was 'Finally, I can get to sleep!'

I like my hot dogs long and my OT's short. Vancouver companies can expect a 30% reduction in productivity today, either due to fatigue or absenteeism. I'd be tempted to call in sick, but my boss would see through that one too easily.

I posted a nicer recap at The Fanhouse.

Now, where's my coffee?

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Wheras others fell asleep before the game that lasted two days (started 7:00pm, ended past midnight) ended. I`m sorry, but 3.9 periods of hockey without a goal... zzzzz...
Meanwhile, in the hinterlands 'o Dallas, at 2:32a local time with five and a half hours until the work day was to begin, it was a mental struggle for control of my brain as half of it was dejected by the anticlimactic Stars loss while the other half danced an awkward cranial jig celebrating the joys of impending sleep. I'd give you a play by play, but apparently I was unconscious within 2.6 seconds of Sedin's goal and the transcript was lost in the darkness.
Awesome mahn! If the Habs every go into 4 overtime periods, there's no way I'd miss a minute.

What's with this I'm hearing about fans actually leaving the arena? That's just crazyyyy.

I commend your endurance, sir.
Meanwhile, Dallas will experience a 5% reduction in work this morning.

Factor in an additional 2% because of the time difference.
Productivity in Dallas is already low. I don't think anyone will notice another 5% *cough*

Laying (Lying?) on the couch and 'watching' hockey doesn't take that much endurance....more like patience and some caffeine (which I didn't have). By the end of the 3rd OT, I was frustrated and just decided that I would stay up, no matter what. I had already invested so much time in the game that I wanted to get something out of it.

Hopefully, that'll be the longest OT game this year.
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