Saturday, April 14, 2007


"Ranger" Without the R is "Anger"

by Greg

Well, hmm, I'm feverishly looking for some good signs after two games. Um, Johan Hedberg looked pretty good out there tonight. Beyond that... everyone was wearing the right uniform. No one accidentally put on the road jersey. Good job, there.

Beyond that? Well, the Rangers have really thoroughly outclassed the Thrashers in the first two games. Atlanta's scoring chances are rare. And while they're outhitting the Rangers, they're laying hits on the Matt Cullens and Michal Rozsivals of the world -- the Rangers, by contrast, are deeply under Ilya Kovalchuk's skin.

How bad is it? For the first time ever, this afternoon, I found myself thinking "You know, we could really use Sean Avery." Chilling.

So, nothing to do but bitch and moan 'til Tuesday. Crap. Good thing I drink.

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"Ranger" Without the R is "Anger"

Boy, am I missing those "hardcore song" post titles already...
Yeah, but you're the only one who gets those.

The original post title was a vaguely obscene reference to Brendan Shanahan, but I toned it down. This is a family blog. (I think.)
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