Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Now Who Do I Support?

by Greg

Earlier than I hoped or expected, I've got the sad choice most hockey fans have to face at some point: with my teams all on the golf course, who do I support going forward?

Even beyond my normal teams (the Thrashers and the Avalanche, if you forgot -- I haven't been around much lately) my secondary teams are gone as well. St. Louis never made it, Nashville (my pre-season Stanley Cup pick) is gone, all the Southeastern Division teams are out.

So I've got to pick from a group that's none-too-appealing, if I want this season to have any meaning for me.

A look at the candidates:

Western Conference

Detroit Red Wings

Pros: Absolutely none.

Cons: My least favorite team. Amazing collection of jackasses.

The verdict: I'm not rooting for them to do anything except collectively get STDs.

Anaheim Ducks

Pros: Dropped the "Mighty" and the eggplant uniforms. I'm a Chris Pronger fan. A SoCal Stanley Cup winner would be kind of cool.

Cons: Brad May, who really should be an honorary Red Wing. And did they scrap Wild Wing this year?

The verdict: A definite possibility.

Vancouver Canucks

Pros: Having divested themselves of Bertuzzi and May, they're a lot easier to root for. I have a Vancouver Canucks Christmas ornament (from a relative who figured all hockey teams are basically equal). Roberto Luongo is a pleasure to watch. They've been around as long as the Sabres, and don't whine as much about not having a Cup. Vancouver is, by all accounts, a pleasant city.

Cons: My rooting for the Canucks would make Jes and Alanah smug and insufferable.

The verdict: They're a contender.

San Jose Sharks

Pros: Nothing offensive about this team.

Cons: Nothing interesting about this team.

The verdict: If it gets to the point where it's only the Sharks and a team I hate, I likely will have lost all interest in hockey. And, perhaps, life.

Buffalo Sabres

Pros: If you haven't heard, Buffalo is the city without championships, and good God they deserve one. I like Drury -- and in fact, a lot of their players. I've got friends from the area (well, Rochester) and they're all fine people.

Cons: If I have to hear any more whining about how the city of Buffalo has been wronged over the years, I'll vomit out my spine. Actually, a theoretical end to the whining would be a reason to cheer them on.

The verdict: Maybe if they end up against the Red Wings.

New Jersey Devils

Pros: There's something coldly impressive about their one-track-mind commitment to winning. And I know Jes thinks poorly of him, but Brodeur is pretty impressive.

Cons: Who wants to root for Lou Lamoriello? Also, there's something relentlessly dull and robotic about the Devils, even if they're scoring 18 goals.

The verdict: See Buffalo.

Ottawa Senators

Pros: They've often filled this void for me in the past. There's good karma in rooting for Canadian teams. I still like Heatley, and several other players.

Cons: They always end up falling short.

The verdict: Quite possible. I'm fond of them.

New York Rangers

Pros: Lots of Czechs. I admire the way they've built their team (after years of doing it the wrong way). I sort of half-assedly buy into the theory that a New York win spurs interest in the States. Brendan Shanahan was my favorite player in the early-mid '90s.

Cons: The Thrashers loss made me accustomed to spitting venom at them. Shanahan sure ain't my favorite player NOW.

The verdict: Maybe in another round. The pain's still too fresh.

So, all that taken into account -- as well as all sorts of esoteric calculations that I won't begin to explain -- the winner is:

The Vancouver Canucks.

I feel a little queasy about this, I'll admit. I still remember the Steve Moore hit. There's plenty of bad blood.

But all things being equal -- a Canucks win would be most pleasurable to see. A team that's been around a while, a good fan base.

Runner-up would be the Senators. Actually, all I want is for the Red Wings to fall short. That's all I ask.

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And did they scrap Wild Wing this year?

I don't know what answer makes you happier, but strangely enough, Wild Wing is still employed (though in a relegated position). He's probably lower on the totem pole than the ice girls at this point, but can still do a mean dance in the aisles from time to time.
Retaining Wild Wing is a point in their favor. I'm strangely relieved by that (though I can't picture him in the new uniforms).
The Canucks? A good fanbase? Will there even be room for you on the bandwagon?

I would say go with the Ducks for the added benefit of pissing off Oiler fans.
As a fellow Avs fan, have to agree with your choice of the 'Nucks. With Bertuzzi and May gone, there's really no reason to hate 'em anymore. And Luongo is a stud.
There are few things in life I really enjoy more than reading a bitter Dive fan practically in tears at the prospect of Wing success. God, it's priceless. Enjoy your offseason. I'm sure you're well resigned to it now.

Little Dives. Always good for a laugh. And Dear Lord Stanley...hopefully Bert pops a couple in Game 1 just for you.
God? Are you there, God? It's me, Tapeleg. I know I don't ask much of you, aside from the occasional wish to win the lottery or get a real job offer. But can I ask one unselfish thing? I do this for my fellow man.

Please, bring Greg back to us. We all liked him so.

Oh, and those other things I asked, but the Greg thing would be really nice. Thanks.
IwoCPO - Now, now... I want the Wings to succeed! But since they seem so well suited for playoff flameouts, I want them to succeed in achieving that goal.

Tapeleg - back in Colorado in June. A couple beers at Sobo 151 and I'll be back on track.
... Why can't you cheer for both the Senators and Canucks?
... Why can't you cheer for both the Senators and Canucks?

Well, they aren't both gonna win.
IwoCPO, I hope Bert pops a couple, too. Pops a couple of knee ligaments and never plays hockey again.

I can't wrap my head around rooting for a guy like Bertuzzi, no matter what team he's on. Brad May was an Av for a while and I still hated him, as most hockey fans do. He may be a Wing now, but Bertuzzi is not worth rooting for, even for Wings fans. Show some class, for once.

Respectfully yours, Dear Lord Stanley.
Well, they aren't both gonna win.

You can make up your mind at the Stanley Cup Finals! But right now, nothing's stopping you from supporting them both.

Frankly, I just think you're being lazy. :P
Nothing interesting about the San Jose Sharks? Are you serious? I find it hard to believe that you can truly say that if you've actually done any research and watched some of their hockey games. Are you really a hockey blogger that takes themself seriously or do you just spout out whatever you feel based on little to no fact? It's totally your right to do so, I'm not objecting to that...I just guess I'm hurt. I used to read this thinking you knew a lot about hockey. I guess we all make mistakes.
My lack of interest in the Sharks has nothing to do with their style of play. It's just that I feel absolutely no emotion about them, yea or nay. I look at their roster and feel about the same feelings I would if the president of Yemen were being discussed.
Redwings= 1st round flameouts, ammo sales skyrocket in D town but sadly most wingie fans are poor shots.

reguards: joe sakic
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