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NHL Says "Nein!" to Todd Simpson

by Jes

Todd Simpson?

Yeah, it seems that the New York Islanders were desperate enough to try and sign Todd Simpson to save their flailing playoff hopes.

Unfortunately, the NHL decided to deny the transfer, but not because of timing issues...

A suspension given to New York Islanders defenceman Todd Simpson when he was in the German Ice Hockey League was upheld by the NHL on last night, preventing him from making his debut with the Islanders.

Simpson, signed Thursday by the Islanders for the final week of the regular season, was suspended indefinitely after receiving a penalty for abuse of an official while playing in the Hannover Scorpions' last post-season game.

The International Ice Hockey told the NHL that the German league will hold a hearing tomorrow and asked that the suspension be upheld. The NHL honoured the request and said it will review the decision following the hearing and then determine Simpson's status in North America.

think that it's great that the NHL is upholding Simpson's German suspension. Why should Simpson be allowed to run away from the bad deeds he did, just because they were done overseas? If the IIHF and the NHL are going to have a good relationship, the various leagues need to respect each other and back each other up in cases like this.

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There is a hearing to review trhe situation. Think that would happen if it was a suspended NHLer trying to play in Europe? Say Chris Simon right now or Todd Bertuzzi during the lockout?

I think the NHL might be looking for a way to weasel out of this.
Actually these suspensions from the NHL would be taken over if they move to Europe. As was the case for Bertuzzi during the lock-out:

"IIHF Council decides to refuse requests of transfer of Todd Bertuzzi to any IIHF affiliated national leagues

Since several European based teams have been investigating the possibility of a transfer of Canadian player Todd Bertuzzi of the NHL Vancouver Canucks, the International Ice Hockey Federation issues the following statement:

The IIHF Council has carefully discussed transfer requests by several European clubs for Todd Bertuzzi. It was reported to the council that Mr. Bertuzzi, who was penalized by the NHL and consequently suspended for the balance of the 2004 NHL season and beyond, pending a meeting with the NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, has been requesting a transfer to Europe.

The violent nature of Mr. Bertuzzi’s action with the severe injuries inflicted to the opposing player, as a result of his deliberate act, were regarded as an extremely serious violation of the rules, putting the sport into disrepute. Mr. Bertuzzi also faces criminal charges for his action.

In accordance with the last paragraph of the IIHF Statute 15, the IIHF Council decided to refuse Mr. Bertuzzi’s application to play within the IIHF until the criminal case has been heard and judgement passed by the Canadian courts.

The applicable paragraph of the IIHF Statute 15 reads as follows:

“The Council may refuse the application (…) of any individual (…) to participate in IIHF competitions or activities if, in the sole opinion of Council, such participation would be detrimental to the best interests of the sport”.

In accordance with the IIHF Statutes, Mr. Bertuzzi, is entitled to appeal against the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland."

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