Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Live Game Recap: Canucks 4 - Kings 2

by Jes

Willie Mitchell, Roberto Luongo

Thanks to the generousity of my girlfriend's father, I got to attend tonight's Kings/Canucks game with them at the Garage as the Canucks inched closer to the division title. With a 4-2 win over the Kings, the Canucks are now just 1 win away from clinching the division and keeping such glory away from the evil hands of the Minnesota Wild Slovaks.

Like many games against weaker opponents, the Canucks played down to the level of the LA Kings and were making more mistakes than Bob Cole calling a non-Leafs game. Do the Canucks have an NBA Jam Rubber-Band AI setting? They play great against great teams, and crap against crap teams. It's quite frustrating watching the Canucks handle the puck like a grenade and fall asleep like they are watching an episode of Survivor.

Don't let the shot clock fool you (31-17 for Vancouver), the Canucks were as clumsy and uncoordinated as "Sleep Country" Bryant Reeves. It was thanks to the cycling Sedinbots and the suckiness of the Kings that the Canucks even got a win.

This game was certainly an experience unlike my previous jaunts this year, given that I was sitting with the riff-raff in the upper bowl, and not the posh folks in the Siemens Club. I just happened to be in the Drunken Loudmouth section, where people paid $50 to swear and yell "WOO!" all frickin' night. I like crowd noise as much as the next Ruthenian, but "YOU FUCKING SUCK, REF" is far from original, as true as the statement might be. Come up something new, eh?

Of course, with the g/f's daddy around, I had to be on fairly good behaviour. Yeah, no telling Jan Bulis where he could stick it, nor any bra-tossing from my girlfriend should Jeff Cowan happened to have scored a goal.

Random musings...

  • Jan Bulis is awfully generous, given how often he gives up the puck...

  • The world's shortest list: NHLers with less offensive skill than Alexandre Burrows.

  • Anze Kopitar - Great speed, but horrible shot. I haven't seen shooting that inaccurate since Simon Phoenix had John Spartan trapped in the cryogenic lab.

  • There is enough popcorn in a 'medium' bag at GM Place to feed an entire Ethopian village. By that logic, I could easily eat an entire Ethopian village. *burp*

  • Markus Naslund scored!!! Yeah, into an empty net, but we'll take it. I think half of the crowd was expecting him to miss the yawning cage, too.

  • The music d00d has an awfully weird obsession with the 'TNT' song, as he felt the need to play it before about 13 different face-offs. Look, there must be some other frickin' song you can use!!!

  • More organ music, less mainstream rock, s'il vous plait?

  • Dear Mr. Linden, you ARE allowed in front of the net, you know. It's not out-of-bounds, as you might think it is.

  • And to all a good night!

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    I didn't notice it as much tonight, but "Day-O" seems to be a favourite of whoever runs the music/noise at GM Place.

    As much as I've defended Burrows this year for his effort (always at the 100% level it seems), you may be right about his offensive
    "prowess". There is a reason he's never advanced above the fourth line... on the second lowest scoring team still in the playoffs.
    The world's shortest list: NHLers with less offensive skill than Alexandre Burrows

    I nominate Alexander Picard of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Though he's not a full-time NHLer at this point, maybe he still qualifies?
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