Thursday, April 19, 2007


Just Call Him "Mac The Knifed"

by Jes

The Blue Jackets, about 3 years too late, fired President/GM Doug MacLean and have made the first step to not sucking. I just hope they don't hire away Steve Tambellini from the Canucks.

As always, you can find more details and analysis over at The Fanhouse.

While I'll always hold a special place in my heart for MacLean, who coached the Florida Panthers (my old favourite non-Canucks team), he is, without a doube, one of the worst executives in NHL history.

I guess the only ones who are sad at this news, outside of the MacLean family, are the NHL agents, who managed to soak the Jackets out of millions for their overpaid clients. Was there an easier rube than MacLean, other than Neil Smith during his tenure at GM of the Rangers?

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Unemployment in PEI just went up 2 percent.
That is golden, Art.
Unemployment in PEI just went up 2 percent

Given how many of his cronies from the island MacLean hired, this statement is surprisingly accurate.
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