Wednesday, April 18, 2007


If You Can't Say Anything Nice

by Greg

I got an e-mail from Jes this afternoon, expressing shock that I hadn't weighed in on last night's foolishness. The reasons were twofold:

1) I missed the game. Incredibly busy at work for most of the night, and by the time things tapered off a bit to where I could conceivably watch it on television, I'd had enough less-busy co-workers tell me "4-0," "5-0," "6-0" that I didn't feel any compelling reason to turn it on. Wakes aren't my idea of entertainment.

2) It's just too ridiculous to even acknowledge. 4-0 or 6-1 would be worth the anger, but why even draw attention to the fact that a team I root for lost 7-0? I don't go out of my way to make people aware of embarrassing things. And if I talk about the game, someone might tell me how Ilya Kovalchuk's "fighting major" looked, and I probably do not want to know.

Instead, a couple fun facts from the series:

* Thrashers' leading scorer: Pascal Dupuis!

* Ilya Kovalchuk: as many fighting majors as goals

* Marian Hossa: no points

* Leading shot-taker: Bobby Holik

* Belanger, Hossa, Kozlov: combined -15

And so on. I also note that everything I said about this series beforehand (most of it, thankfully, I was smart enough not to write here) has turned out to be wrong -- the Rangers aren't soft, Lundqvist isn't falling apart, and so on. That in mind, I'll predict a 4-1 Thrashers win tonight -- I can't imagine them coming back to win the series at this point, but one last gasp sounds about right.

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This is about how Ilya's fighting major looked: See Avery cower and bleed.
I haven't heard any reports on Hossa, other than the Rangers color guy keep noting he wasn't on PP1, which makes me suspect he is hurting bad. He definitely isn't himself.
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