Friday, April 20, 2007


Goddamn $*!&%^@ STARS!!!

by Jes

Last night was a reminder of how just much I hate the Dallas Stars, and now we have to put up with another heart-attack inducing, low-scoring game against these dweebs.

Note to the Power Play: YOU SUCK!!! 1-for-24 is pathetic!! Everyone and their dog knows that Henrik is going to try and slap-pass the puck to Daniel after they cycle the puck in the corner for half an hour. Vigneault needs to send Josh Green or Jeff Cowan out there to create some traffic in front of the net. Nobody is getting in front of Turco, and he can see the puck clearly.

Having your team lose 1-0 in OT is doubly-frustrating: No goals and no win!! Picking the Sedins in my pool is working out about as well as David Caruso's post-ER-before-CSI career.

The look on the Canucks and their fans' faces told the story. Now reality stares us in the face. The Dallas Stars, their fans, and the Dallas media-who gave the Stars no hope in this series- are going to change their tune now, and we will have to bear it all until Saturday.
When you lose 1-0 in such a close game you can over-analyze what the Canucks did wrong. But I'm not going to do that. I can bag on Smolinski, Dan Sedin and Hansen for missing their golden opportunities, but I won't.

Well, I will bag on Smolinski and Daniel, because they've been missing far too many opportunities this series. Smolinski, in particular, has contracted Tommi Santala disease, where he'll miss a wide open net if given the chance.

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Go Stars!
Dear Mr. Golbez

We wouldn't have these issues if I were captain again.

Mike Modano
Quite possibly the least-watchable playoff series in the history of the NHL.
FYI, David Caruso starred on NYPD Blue, not ER.
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