Thursday, April 26, 2007


Duck L'Orange?

I got an email from a reader with a very valid question about Anaheim Ducks fans. Maybe one of you quackers can answer it?

I was watching last night's 'Nucks/Ducks game and noticed a lot of Anaheim fans dressed in ORANGE...I don't get it; I mean orange is not one of the Ducks' colors. Furthermore:

In America, only prisoners wear orange
1. Orange is usually worn by hunters, the enemy of ducks
2. Wouldn't orange be better for the opposing fans?

Wayne...Tuskegee, Alabama

Maybe there are just a lot of Dutch people in Anaheim?

I don't have much more to say about last night's debacle other than what I wrote at The NHL Fanhouse.

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Orange is a highlight color on the black uniforms, you probably have to buy one to see it, though.

And it is a reference to Orange County, CA, though I don't think the team did very well in publicizing that connection.

There is a really cool effect they do at Honda Center this year pre-game where all the screens around the arena all go bright orange: everything becomes this hellish glow.

Also, the orange helps when morons in the crowd throw their towels on the ice for a hat trick, prompting this hilarious P.A. announcement:

"Uh, folks, this isn't a towel trick."
I think Wayne from Tuskegee makes good points. And its cool that someone from Tuskegee is reading a hockey blog. Rock on, Wayne!
Aha, my group of friends is smart. We guessed the Orange County reference!
I always thought it was a little bit silly that the Canucks' colors were justified by saying "oh, blue for the ocean, green for the mountains" etc., but orange because of your county name? LOL!

I guess waving black flags would be a little morbid!
There is great pride among many in who live in Orange County for the heritage or legacy of the orange. See Wolfskill's valencia among others for an idea. Of course there aren't many groves left in the county since the economy turned to other (more profitable) uses, but there is one still left on Harbor and Santa Ana Street in Anaheim.

I guess it was a generation or so ago that the Fruit industry started to die out in prominence, but there should be pride to honor the legacy of what put Orange County on the map in the first place.
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